James has been in construction his entire life. He began his career building custom homes. His level of workmanship has left each home...a master piece. He has built everything from a simple, beautiful ranch to a multi-million dollar mansion. On the Commercial end, he has built everything from schools and hospitals to 35 story apartment buildings. Building is his passion. His passion feeds his talents. Everything he builds is simply beautiful. He doesn't meet standards...he sets standards!

Leslie has been helping James create and design homes for the past 7 years. She views each home as a blank canvas. Through listening to her client’s needs and wants, she designs the perfect floor plan. Then adds in the personalities, energy and lifestyles of the family to create a personal, intimate dream home. From colors and materials to fixtures and finishes, there is nothing more rewarding than making dreams come true. Creating a cherished place we do life, everyday!  

PO BOX 5005 Bismarck, ND 58502

James Bray: 701-595-2015

Leslie Bray: 701-595-1365

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